Leadership Skills for Project and Program Managers

4-hour Course Program

Course Overview

Project Leadership skills are mandatory for change management and advancement on a project and program. Growing complexity in business environment creates challenges for project and program implementation that needs to satisfy the requirements of stakeholders. Change implementation is a leader-intensive undertaking. The central role of leadership in project and program management is misunderstood; the reality is that leadership encompasses numerous roles and activities and the leaders at every level assert in coordinated manner to make desired impact. A group of leaders in coordinated manner steers change through complexity and helps focus on efficient, effective and economical deliverables. The skills matter for knowing how to balance the humane aspects with management processes and help effective relationship for increased productivity.

Course Prerequisite

• Willingness to learn
• Bring mind, body and soul together

Learning Objectives

• Understand the leadership dynamics and behaviors
• Importance of vision and team to execute on vision
• Leadership tenets and responsibilities
• Leadership styles and when to use them
• Creating leadership culture
• Leadership growth and advancement in career

Who Should Attend?

• Managers of all Levels
• Senior Professionals
• Individual - Managers interested in moving to leadership Role
• Project Managers
• Program Managers
• Line / unit managers

Course Outline

• Working within a project or programme management environment
• Definition and context of project and programme leadership
• Leadership versus management
• Leadership behaviours
• Leadership activities required in a project
• Effective leadership in the project lifecycle
• Getting started
  - starting the project
  - authorization
  - initiating the project
  - authorization
• Making progress
  - day-to-day control
  - producing the work
  - preparing for a review
  - authorization
• Closing down
  - evaluation
  - handover
  - leading change
  - authorization
• Prioritizing leadership activities
• Maintaining the effort of leadership throughout the project lifecycle
• Finding sufficient time to be a leader
• Comparison of leadership styles against the culture of the organization and the importance of the project