Managing and Supervising Projects, Consultants and Contractors

5-day Course Brochure

Course Overview

Companies are relying more and more on Contractors & Consultants to help them complete critical project work. In many cases, the Contractors & Consultants actually take responsibility for delivering certain components of the project. When this happens, the Contractors & Consultants should not be allowed to work independently until the expected delivery date. That is a recipe for disappointment and failure. Instead, the project manager needs to make sure that the Contractors & Consultants have a complete and clear set of requirements, as well as a contract that sets the right expectations and motivations. The project manager then needs to manage and monitor the Contractors & Consultants to ensure they meet the business requirements and the contractual requirements established up-front. .

Course Objective :

This course is designed to provide knowledge in:
• Sourcing & Selecting Consultants & Contractors
• Issues to be considered before the tender invitation
• Raising the invitation and managing the tender process
• Key contractual clauses
• Contract type and language for best outcome with Consultants and Contractors
• Developing “Statements Of Work (SOW)” and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) as contract documents
• Monitoring and measuring Consultant and Contractor performance
• Negotiations with Consultants and firms supplying Contractors

You Will Learn How To:

• Differentiate between Consultants and Contractors
• Develop a clear Statement Of Work (SOW)
• Source and select Consultants and Contractor Firms
• Evaluate bids and proposals
• Include the key clauses in contract documents
• Be familiar with the contract model
• Structure and apply of incentive arrangements
• Evaluate proposals using price and/or cost analysis
• Protect your company by setting the Terms & Conditions
• Be familiar with negotiation strategy and technique
• Be familiar with contract administration
• Monitor and measure Consultants and Contractors performance
• Close-out the contact

Who Should Attend?

The workshop is designed for Engineering Project Managers, Managers, Contract Managers, Buyers, Purchasing Managers, and financial personnel in organizations whose leadership wants advanced skills sets for those involved in major contracting and subcontracting activities.

Course Outline

Day 1
Session 1 Session 2
To outsource or not to outsource
 Outsourcing…when?
 Challenges, concerns, and advantages
 When the outsource is a good idea?
 Evaluation of a Partner
 Avoiding outsourcing pitfalls
Consultants and Contractors – who they are and how they can help
 Advantages and disadvantages of using Consultants and Contractors
 Why to hire Consultants and Contractors
 Who should you hire?
Day 2
Session 1 Session 2
Project Requirements
 Overview of project requirements
 Types of requirements
 Gathering requirements - elicitation
 Requirements validation
 Specifications
 Requirements Verification
Defining the Scope
 Prepare the Statement Of Work (SOW)
 Set the Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
 Create the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and define the work packages
 Establish milestones and due dates for future progress reporting
Day 3
Session 1 Session 2
 Identify the contract type and the risk associated
 Request For Proposal (RFP)
 Develop the evaluation criteria and weighting system
 Evaluate the proposals
 Pricing and costing analysis
Awarding and Contracting
 Select Consultants and Contractors
 Negotiation strategies and techniques
 Confidential information and Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
 Conditions of contract termination
 Contract's Terms and Conditions (Ts&Cs)
Day 4
Session 1 Session 2
Team Building and Communication
 Develop a project team
 Define the roles and responsibilities
 Improve communication with reporting relationship
 Manage the project team
 Resolving issues and problems
Execute the Outsourced Work
 Manage the work plan
 Manage scope changes
 Manage risk with transfer and share techniques
 Manage documents
 Manage quality and metrics
Day 5
Session 1 Session 2
Quality Assurance and Control
 Overview of quality management
 Use quality assurance activities on the Consultant and Contractor's work
 Use quality assurance activities on the Consultant and Contractor's work
Contract Administration and Close-out
 Monitoring and measuring performance
 Progres reporting and payment
 Issue the job orders and invoicing
 Negotiate calims and resolve disputes
 Contract close-out