Managing Changes in Project Organizations

18-hour Course Brochure

Course Overview

Effective change management significantly influences project success. The more people are affected by an organizational change, the more important it is to manage the people side of that change. Often a great deal of responsibility for managing ‘people change’ falls to the project team, yet organizational change management is rarely integrated into their existing project management methodology. This program examines the human component of the project as a critical element of the project team’s work. Participants will learn how to integrate change management practices and tools into the project, program, and portfolio, harness the work the project team is already doing, and scale change management to the project. This course is ideal for Project Managers, Program Managers and Portfolio Managers tasked with successfully implanting change into their business.

Who Should Attend?

This course is targeted to the following audience:
• Executives in functions such as organizational development or human resources
• Executives with responsibility for business divisions or business units
• Executives or managers involved in the support of organizational project management, such as those responsible for PMOs or Centers of Excellence
• Executives or managers involved in the management or oversight of portfolios or programs
• Program managers
• Project managers
• Organizational development professionals who are involved with the design and implementation of business improvement programs or projects

Course Objective

At the end of the course the participant will know:
• Two sets of ideas and discussions that have tended to develop in rather separate domains:
 (1) change management in the realm of organizational development and human resource management
 (2) portfolio, program, and project management in projectized organizations.
• How to provide executives and managers in the project community with a guide on how to improve change management practice within portfolio, program and project management.
• How to provide practitioners from disciplines such as organizational development or human resource management with insights into how project management provides the context and the vehicle for delivering change.
• How to provide a framework for integration that is entirely consistent with the principles, practices, and processes of project management.

Course Outline

• Introduction
• What Is Change Management?
• Managing Change in an Organizational Project Management Context
• Change Management at the Portfolio Level
• Change Management at the Program Level
• Change Management at the Project Level