Business Writing Skills

18-hour Course Brochure

Course Overview

As a business professional, you must be able to communicate effectively through the written word if you are going to succeed in today’s business environment. If you want to improve your business writing skills, then this course is ideal for you! With the increasing requirement of effective communication in almost every industry, the role of business writing for executives and employees has become all the more important. In this course, you’ll learn about the proper format for letters, memos, email messages, and proposals. You’ll also learn basic business writing techniques such as how to use active voice, maintain consistency, and write concisely. .


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Course Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:
• Understand basic writing structure
• Write clear and concise business documents
• Choose the right writing style
• Write using a positive approach
• Focus on the reader
• Write effective business communications

Course Outline

Session 1: Business Communication Session 2: Written Communication
• Introduction
• Communication definition
• Importance of communication
• Components of the communication process
• Integrated meaning model of communication
• Levels of communication
• Communication at workplace
• Types of communication
• Star format of written communication
• AIDA approach for effective writing:
  - Attention (or Attract)
  - Interest
  - Desire
  - Action
Session 3: Writing Skills Session 4: Writing Effective Emails
• What is writing?
• Why write?
• 7Cs for effective business communication
• What are the qualities of good writing?
• The process of writing
• Rules in writing
• Tips for smart communication
• What is Email?
• Four types of email
• Confidentiality
• The email elements
• The closing remarks
• Review
• Check, and then check again
• Sample emails
Session 5: Writing Effective Letters Session 6: Writing Effective Memos
• Definition and purpose
• Parts of a business letter
• Types of business letters
• Appearance
• Defining memos
• Preparing to write a memo
• Formatting memos
• Writing informative memos
• Writing persuasive memos
• Writing negative memos
• Revising the message
• Proofreading the message
Session 7: Writing Meetings’ Minutes Session 8: Writing Reports and Proposals
• Meeting Agenda
• Minutes
• Types
• Tasks involved
• What should you write down?
• Writing rough notes
• The order for typing minutes
• Standard Meeting Minute Template
• Definition
• Preparing to write business reports
• Ten truths you should know about reports
• Steps for preparing a business report
• Illustrating report data
• Good report
• Writing Proposals