Building and Implementing Balanced Scorecard

Nine Steps to SuccessTM Framework and Software

35-hour course brochure

Course Overview

This course provides participants with background and resources in all areas that are important to build, implement, and sustain a balanced scorecard planning and management system in their organization. The course includes introduction to strategic planning, organization assessment, strategy mapping, performance measures and target setting, strategic initiatives, automation, cascading and strategic management.

Course Prerequisite

Strategic management background is recommended.

Who Should Attend?

This course is recommended for:
• Strategic planning professionals or balanced scorecard practitioners
• Executives, senior managers or leaders who want to improve the strategic focus and strategy execution of their organizations
• Teams or individuals tasked with developing a strategic plan for their organization
• Teams or individuals with balanced scorecard or KPI/Performance Measure development responsibility
• Executives, managers, planners and analysts who are part of a balanced scorecard development team, and are seeking the best practical ideas for improving organizational performance.

Course Objectives

This course is made up of hands-on workshops and is designed to enable anyone involved with developing a balanced scorecard system to act as a coordinating change agent/internal consultant to lead and develop a scorecard system. Participants will learn how to develop balanced scorecards and apply them in their own organizations. Software for planning and performance measurement will be demonstrated to show how information technology can be used to help develop the scorecard system, collect, report, and visualize performance information, and cascade an enterprise scorecard to business and support units, and to teams and individuals.

Course Outline

• Comprehensive approaches to strategic planning, strategic management, performance measurement and target setting, initiative prioritization, performance information systems, and program evaluation
• BSI’s Nine Steps to Success TM methodology for building and implementing balanced scorecard planning and management systems
• Organization development practices, such as SWOT analysis, employee assessment planning, customer and stakeholder identification, and balanced scorecard program planning
• Modern approaches to strategic thinking and strategy mapping
• Communications strategy development and change management aspects of the balanced scorecard journey
• Facilitation and coaching skills necessary to lead team workshops in the development of a balanced scorecard system for your organization
• Selecting appropriate software to collect and report performance information throughout the organization
• Cascading the enterprise scorecard throughout the organization

Hands-on Training

Participants will apply the balanced scorecard concepts to meet the challenges facing a typical organization.
Exercises performed throughout this course include:
• Launching a BSC program and establishing work teams
• Incorporating communications planning and change management into the scorecard development process
• Use an organizational assessment to set vision, mission, and strategy
• Understand who your customers and stakeholders are and what they need from your organization
• Develop a customer value proposition and strategy profile
• Develop an organization's strategic themes, strategic results and perspectives
• Develop and refine strategic objectives and strategy maps
• Develop and refine performance measures and targets, aligned to strategy
• Develop and prioritize new initiatives to execute strategy
• Cascade a scorecard to develop alignment by developing strategic objectives, strategy maps, performance measures, and initiatives • Evaluate and improve a poorly designed system
• Practice using a Balanced Scorecard Software