Project Business Planning
Developing a Project Delivery Strategy

18-hour Course Brochure

Course Overview

Following approval of a project, the business, the sponsor and the allocated Project Manager are all eager to begin delivery. All too often there is nothing to stop this natural tendency and so project delivery commences with little or no planning. The result is that all stakeholders end up with a less efficient and effective project delivery and outcome for the business. The role of a Project Manager at this early stage in a project is to ‘put the brakes on’, engage with appropriate stakeholders and perform some robust and value-added planning, a fundamental part of the project lifecycle. This course delivers a set of planning and delivery tools as an in-depth resource supporting project management competency development. .


Awareness of strategic & business planning and project management terminologies.


• Senior managers
• All managers who must help in implementing the strategic plan
• All other senior staff members that need to understand these important concepts
• Portfolio managers
• Project and program managers

Learning Objectives

By the end of this class, attendees should:
• Understand the concept of project delivery planning and the planning hierarchy
• Understand the concepts of controlled project delivery and the delivery hierarchy
• Understand the concepts of:
  o Business planning and delivery
  o Set-up planning and delivery
  o Control planning and delivery
• Be able to use the Planning and Delivery toolkits in their own projects
• Be able to select the appropriate tool to use from the Planning and Delivery toolkits

Course Outline

Session 01 – Introduction Session 02 – Business planning
 The project lifecycle
 What is project delivery planning?
 Why a PDP is needed
 The planning hierarchy
 The project delivery plan
 What is a project business plan?
 How to develop a project business plan?
 Benefits management
 Business change management
Session 03 – Set-up planning Session 04 – Control planning
 What is a project set-up plan?
 How to develop a project set-up plan?
 Selecting a Project Manager
 Project organization
 Project type
 Funding strategy and finance management
 Scope definition
 What is a project control plan?
 How to develop a project control plan?
 Risk management strategy
 Contract and supplier strategy
 Project control strategy
 Project review strategy
Session 05 – The project delivery plan
 Why we need a formal document
 Who develops the PDP?
 The PDP lifecycle
 PDP style, format and content
 Projects, portfolios and programmes